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Teaching Resources

  •  A virtual tensile testing machine:

This virtual tensile testing simulation was developed with support from the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University.  The user can "test" pure Cu, Armco iron and 4340 steel. To simulate a real test, the user enters the gauge length, sample diameter, deformation rate and test temperature.  The animations show how the sample deforms up to fracture.  The user can then export the force-displacement data for analysis.  This tool can help illustrate concepts such as work-hardening, strain-rate sensitivity and the effect of temperature on strength and deformation.

Click here to download the software.

  • A virtual optical microscope:

This virtual tool was developed with support from the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. This virtual microscope has many of the features of a real optical microscope including focus and lighting adjustments, stage control and magnification adjustments.  The microscope comes with a set of micrographs cover common steel, brass and aluminum microstructures.  It is also possible for the user to add their own images. 

Click here to download the software.

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