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Recrystallization Calculator for AZ series Mg Alloys

Description: This model allows the user the calculate the hardness, dislocation density and recrystallized fraction for cold deformed and annealed AZ series alloys. Validated for AZ31. The model is also applicable for other AZ series alloys provided precipitation is not very strong.

References: Model details are provided in the papers linked below.

Fair Use: This model was developed with funding from MagNET NSERC strategic network. You are free to use this model for research presentations and publications provided you reference the two papers shown here. Our team is open to collaborating. If you have ideas for new features to add, we would be very happy to work on this together.

[1] P Okrutny, S Liang, L Meng, H Zurob, 2014, Physically-Based Model for Static Recrystallization in AZ31, Magnesium Technology 2014. TMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, United States, 149.

[2] M. Habibnejad-Korayem, M. Jain, H. S. Zurob, R. K. Mishra, 2016, Modelling of uniaxially pre-strained and annealed AZ31 magnesium sheet based on microstructural considerations, Acta Materialia, 113: 155

The model can be accessed here.

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